Introducing HottyClaireX

HottyClaireX is 31 years old whose favorite position is depending on the mood :p

HottyClaireX is turned on by a real man who knows how to make me feel as a real woman, and gets turned off by I don`t like anal, i don`t like rudeness, as long as u keep respectful with me and the others in my room things will go just fine ;) i hate liars and people with no sense of humor

HottyClaireX in their own words: I`m an easy to talk with person, I`m generally a sweet and smiley girl, always ready for a nice talk or a hot moment together ;)

HottyClaireX is: European and considers themselves heterosexual

Get to know HottyClaireX

31 years old HottyClaireX's height is 174, and weight is 46, with the following body type: 90-60-90.

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