Introducing FoxyRamona

FoxyRamona is 34 years old whose favorite position is We're standing. I wrap my legs around your torso. You`ll put your hands beneath my butt and lift me up and down while thrusting into me. I call it "The Claw."

FoxyRamona is turned on by Being slaped hard on the ass, and gets turned off by I will tell You when You are about do turn me off. A little piece of advice can always help

FoxyRamona in their own words: I can be a naughty school girl, I can be your teacher, I can be your personal nurse ........well I can be what you want me to be and how you want me to be. The most important thing is that I am here to make you happy and hard, really hard

FoxyRamona is: European and considers themselves Bisexual

Get to know FoxyRamona

34 years old FoxyRamona's height is 170, and weight is 50, with the following body type: 90-60-90.

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