Introducing LizzieOcean

LizzieOcean is 19 years old whose favorite position is you can ask me

LizzieOcean is turned on by Men with a good sense of humor, open people who do not hesitate to talk about desires and feelings, and gets turned off by Get naked" type of people. I also hate being rushed - well, you better don`t do that if you don`t wanna get a kick in the ass . Be patient, treat me good and I`ll treat you better.

LizzieOcean in their own words: I love flirting. Who doesn’t?! I llove laughing when I hear a good joke, I love talking about my crazy fantasies… I think I am here because I love LOVE…Yes… I love flirting and falling in love…

LizzieOcean is: European and considers themselves straight

Get to know LizzieOcean

19 years old LizzieOcean's height is 171, and weight is 50, with the following body type: 64-94-96.

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